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the war was over forhem and also their former flow sl. s a bin tt t prpl lincoln institute. when he made his decision and she agreed this is what he wrote. i can do well in missouri see thdaotff wn okk urg n stlere fsl look back on the former state of bondage. at the same time i expect to continue the work i am now gagein f tvaon thwndegron i ve th wreinth la touioat thrkbeee after. i do not think i will never get ou of that work. lincoln continues to grow and we
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terewet l o iry. come down, we would like to see you. >> for more information on booktv'secent visit to nyeriesid bssournd locot os g >> booktv attends a book pty for mark shriver w recounts his fath's personalife a pocare sawaend opecoanirrf office of economic opportunities. attendees includes chris dodd, steny hoyer bob casey. dicosas]
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nale [inaudible conversations] naleveio [iibosas] isghgrtiro cowr something nasty in here.
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[inaudible conversations >> one ofurhor naleveio t y very much. thank you. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> the other one graduated lt naleveio
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>>nk very much. thank you. a bk oftoes aou cir yes. we are working on governor. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] mmtaed tt.tions thee y arth right up in baltimore. lot ofork for the guide. sexciting.eowreu?
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feels like you a on a presidential campaign. >> i have never run for president. naleveio >> you enjoying it? >> it is good. i can't wait to read it.chinspiy i sdeea with family. >> such a cynical time. u.great story like. [dicoio drent religious groups. really brought people together. >> to be with you in cape cod is
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aoi toad inyb tetr th you. >> i have one more year. >> you are enjoying? t nblnvon >>nkor th yr mom and dad. [inaudible conversations] >> w jg wee snd >> i heard. >> he is social the precocious. >>mygo ll fm aosthe board.
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[inaudible conversations] >> somebody out there from the press something and a veof dadtos tio th ansahi ifhe record. is this off the record? >> washing babies. thats lari >> h ialngndreg. >>kse g ups. clearly. ogoudible conversations] e okrd te book. >> appreciate it. thank you very much. >> good luck with the baby. >> coralaon ths
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>> a [iibonat] w but it could hurt. one away from the other. and some of these stories in otmo o iecryt t in iend a wh led and letters every day. and graduating from college and backnd looking at those letters and r o. so ohemhe [iibonat]
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>> really appreciate it. anu fo cince to come re. isodou in morning. [talking over each other] >> oh my goodness. cin u ofr i tnkoullou t cty a lot of action. in washington ere so many people are trying to get by 2 categories. really about bnging peop aming mee o rungngllwell. >> there is more to it than you often no. a homework assignnt f fray. >>nkr
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th fom >>nk yr te how are you? [talking over each other] [inaudibleonversations ou g -- great. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> a big loss. huge. you never get over. your mom and dad are the people who love you. that iwhathe bk a yio re ho n fft gsut bng a father or friend.
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i hope it makes sense to a lot of pe. >> athguy iro any ic [inaudible conversations] >> working out one day and -- nale cveions fd .huelo lex is a great guy. >> our marriage and their o 2 year stf. ud oue c. oo s y as well. >> thanks for having me. >> you haveco. [iib coerti >>rd eve t
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hill. [inaudible conversations] e ed60 nd >> was last in line. $20 or $30. >> get out of he! naleveio t yor coming. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> my brother says -- >>imasla thyor ng [inaudible conversations] eionmot got married and i
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ud certions] >> did you actually have the ceremony and everything? that isfu tis iayutul oh nd
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wonderful! >> that is your screen saver. [inaudib conversations >> i know you have a thousan things going on. ven?e. hyohe hot c u. app to have it down. in my mind to manage it, the guy who ritican cese y anu. vy chorco aricto come. >> huge fan. naleveioa gnin
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>> wldavese it. >> my wife is cheating. [inaudible] >> your husbanas far i . >>inni naleveio [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] mad h binolics a ime. ud crsns aaywad your father. i forget, i knew a about the people after -- but not about -- forgot about some of the oer inias roy shs. u [iibonon
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aemic such a crazy journey. [inaudible conversations] >> the book is really bld on ery se.reat heu a n secretary or the guy at the counte >> traveling and gettingn the nd cerg e d. ouw n in bk land sleep underneath the seat on the oor. >> and stretch out. eido.ver went in forny at have to live with.
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megte you. [inaudible conversations] >> and you can't ean up. >>ho toivyoa summ wh iro the book. as he was dying he was a good man. it was something nice that peleaito, ki hwa hailed as a great man in newspapers and so forth. he was married to a woman of his d hel d and66 ar yselionsp
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wtos y d countless friends. i don't mean senator , ne searnd u. sre aes restaurants for 35 years. and turned around and walked out of the churcso he clearlyad a tlahi mmntthmmy world and for me struggling to balance all that, how to raise three kids and deal with aging pares and haveen an me omtmnnd t dme i iee tdi i re wdacr were and that is what this is. a series of stories about a guy
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who lived and balanced these competing interests andid agjob tnd ci tre ructed his life with his faith and sense of hopand sense of love and that faith which was nurtured in him as a chilsustnem thuge deessi whimi l ey bthghh hondolshs and the facthat thaty suiv withim f wor wari iguperdug .lchtohthe dtf o rkon rounsel to integrate those schools and hospitals in that city or whether it was the cation of e , uimce corps or sees
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ss y but he believed that. you see that commitment to love and his relationsh with my mom of 56rs teigope d omenea befed shre marry him. that was that seven your report should be for 56 year marriage but it was the combination of hidr d gfa. one story in the book, bobby got posted -- busted for pot in 1970. he said at a funeral so i'm n letting out any ste t he siv fil hed e y f hslind thngunni for governor of maryland. steny hoyer worke that
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fort yoime t oe d lkg t hand ssi and he sat down. he said your good kid, i love you and our will take care of you. that wasit. at e oth g, nhi eron b khe yoo a w give unnditional love like that, there was a big public announcement that the anniversary and dropped out a lkn hayte th. d r rne lye eputation. let's go to the peace corps. how could you do it? how do you want to make a difference? what do you want to do? wehacoon. ncouody ppmengre guo donon i le cretli thow tbe good father and
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balance fatherhood, ith and friendship is what the bk i t. egdao n hse aattetf baor tpuk toer and at the end, towards the end of the book, finishing up called andaii got idgrat. u dt a le bi whut o t your father. your father became a friend of mine. i felt he was tellinge to make a commitment to le an it t lim it te ore opeait fhe p better or a mother. helps them deal with balancing those acts. over it makes my father a few nefriends. a few a newri
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an v t >> every wke boov off nfis okg se wa itere on c-span2. >> on booktv's recent visit to h.ferson city, missouri, we okc gometaa as wh siaig of the property-tax revolt. >> good evening. here in california in t poit ve eita ll tucd no more.
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proposition 13 is it is ca. chpetaey w geeos. s t v ast stagt prtya f5ea we have increasing taxes on property. now the chance for the people t say something about it. si >> excessive spending is getting ou h >>ike bo t w w yal-est boha ith assessment increases and individuals paying liiaorexerty tax ll waeeje tla t97it was particularly intense and taxes, assessments went up nd a puliar ll
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prtx he tn prtyt on axn co like the way the income-tax is so certain categories of el e have a huge property tax bill but not have an income to pay. they could be reted living on isy l d me d tpay e ppex f ine ey did have the money. later on there is relief camin for elderly homeowners and what is csisleei was in rpo to erict me a beun t p their property tax billspoor
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and being unle to paei oper taxills a y h p ou't pr rn t er. the government is particularly unforgiving of tax bills. historically the property tax ventseicavee way tt local ed whra of services including education. that has been the largest brain. all levels ofduon ucnactasre scrthatctor camoeoaropax is have gone?o ppl
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mi talueour enthx tay the same your property tax skyrocket cause property values yrt a t.s wira up and buy a real mansion and generally rising property values are a very goo
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y tg except when it comes aneip paian yo pay higher tax bill because property values are going up. >> has anyone tried to fht t bor ve'srsth tins coitves los angeles throughout california. we were fued bpeop n beabo pathbi pe wonav vhinceostli toin tir houses, modest iomes. le ep cu od ahe ment
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wi ne a bill to pay. so folks, elderly, people in woinasighoor midd-cla neibods w paul ht,bl gad. aenou lo oeople don't realize suburban communities are communities. they are organized. there areomwn e nionat petitioned and protested and eventually put on conditns -- petitions to get ta reduction inittion the ballot in fo andnth ss inl vace albusiness, mom and pop orng-css heos.dle-class leaders
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wey vy nt izrey a are very good act wielding political power, influencing government. the kind of power that orna mi-c pple n've. rd te feive, in order to really form a large coalition and win this thing, aluc yavo ve op t.eereit b their assessments, their houses were going up $5 million. they were hity this as we bls
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win the leadership, sometimes property related business, landninguss ls tee p ve e s th movement as well as well as the wealthy homeowners and provided a ready-mad leadership. if you think about some ohe intest ou apennefhe personal property developers. very well-organized. anytime they have to get zoning approved they have to go through local government. they are familiar ith l he cucedhe th cost of that leadership posion was switching the relief from the peoe that reallyeeit, ppl
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rkclhonehoer coloheir home by not being able to pay, the locus of relief and this tes to hn ll pstmont eash tp threealthy and paying a very high tax rate. you see the same with capital gain and the income tax, t x reef en up beg taed tth s as a more grassroots movement on the concerns o dinary middle-class people being hit by xe th learshifa. rdo eeou adipus gti th fts dot the time. it gets the zoning and special
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tax breaks. they know what t do. andnateomef wasn't of the same -- the leadership didn't have the same backing as the elite leadership soeleramhifts. thelift biggest slice was two thirds, atseblindu inesses. liiahrghhe country ever since. california struggled since proposition 13 which merely reduced everything. public educatn h ried
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, eresmmy eg u be a strong educational system ranked top of the cotry california. they fell dn anow athe kiofhat coming in. english is a second lauage. this is very expensive. the money isn't there. thpereunrsvee tdyisou coelathe property tax for homeowners. if you just did oyhat and 'tucr es at wtiav finance public services that ddle-class people need to,
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middle-class people need educatnal services and s oton r te st bauf reductions for business the money isn't there and necessary services for small homeoers and lesspl are linde becu ba al i because of very unnecessary, large tax relief was given to bunesses. x.u see this wh co t fheory. particularly the capital gains tax reduction, inheritance tax, lf-- tth otheh
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the very top slice. they got all the tax relief. and then government if you bail those folks outhoeay d't coo y.he doave n'vencay.ey rich people have the income to pay. that is why ey are rich. they don't need it. bubecau all thef cey icedal vernnt and state, local, everyone is in the same position. features and libraries closed. at tndthe y my ac lofoho thvett aa buhe ato be taught. the money isn't there. the middle class has to learn what it's interest really is.
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iryat bse at lo o at alesin involve the government, involved policy but are really important to the overall staard of living. housing and health ce. th tng aeryxp buryic tat tnk .f me-s daf rdor me s get what it wants, prosper and live a decent stdard of life, itase of tsesso usanesra and los and so forth, that it gets a fair shake. more and more people are falling ouof the middle class, heed ununy e ols
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bepula1% that tend to reinforce the polarization. the middle-class has got to fire out the oppositthg whicho istsf thh cyt t as they made that fatal compromise of just acceptg polic leadships is al irosf cpa fiind l d a n'xpt liti leadership as it is. that ileadership for the 1%. you need to fight for yr own 99% leadership and thatil er inovernmt forinformation on booktv's recent visit to jefferson city and many other cities visited by hour of local content vehicl
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ecy tvedur twitter followers what they plan on reading this summer. here are some of their tweets.


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